The continuous production machine, type MaxFoam, owned by the company can produce all types of foam, in a range of densities ranging from 16- 45 Kg / m3. The final products of all qualities can be cut into all possible shapes and dimensions thanks to the latest technology equipment available to the company.

Also, due to the equipment owned by the company, in all the qualities of foam produced, it is possible to create rolls of sheets up to 220 cm wide and up to 100 m long, with the thickness of the sheet starting from 2 mm.

Finally, the company produces in a high pressure production line a special quality foam, Viscoelastic Foam, the so-called Memory Foam. This quality, due to the special characteristics of the final product, is mainly used in the field of mattress for use in orthopedic mattresses and sleeping pillows.

Sheets of any thickness and shape of this quality can be produced for use in mattresses, as well as sleeping pillows in various dimensions.

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